What Fees Does Amplify Charge?

At Amplify we are believers in the fundamental change that cryptocurrency can bring to the world and we want to support that growth by ensuring our fee structure is in line or lower than current industry standards.

Below is our fee structure and you will be informed every step of the way throughout your trading experience of fees you are being charged prior to the charge occurring.

Account Registration & Monthly Fee

No fees are charged for registering or holding an account on a monthly basis.  There is no minimum balance required so you can open your account with no cryptocurrency or fiat.

Trading Fees 

Amplify charges a 1% Maker/Taker Fee on any trade that is executed on the platform calculated as (Price * Quantity * 1%). Only fulfilled trades execute the fee, if only a portion of your order is filled you will only be charged for the portion that was executed.

Using AMPX Token When Trading

Amplify will use the AMPX token to facilitate transactions and allow users to access different aspects of the exchange. If you hold AMPX in your account, you have the option of having your trading fees automatically subtracted from your AMPX balance. There is a 50% discount for using AMPX to pay for transaction and trading fees. You can opt into this from your Profile under Account Settings by clicking the link in the upper left corner of the page. Users of AMPX tokens will also receive increased access to various platform functionalities. Amplify will initially charge a fixed fee per trade. However, as more features are released, Amplify plans to implement various discounted fee structures to benefit its token holders. 

Deposit Fees

Amplify charges no fees for any deposits. For cryptocurrencies you will incur a network charge that goes to the network of the coin or token you are sending but no portion is received by Amplify.

Withdrawal Fees

Amplify has a fee based schedule based on estimated transaction costs of the network for the token or coin which you are withdrawing. The current schedule is listed below and is subject to change as transaction fees for cryptocurrency networks are constantly in flux.




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